Fox Brothers Joins The Braves

Fox Bros. BBQ - An Atlanta BBQ Favorite's new location at SunTrust Park


It's been a big year for Atlanta baseball with the Atlanta Braves moving to their new home at SunTrust Park. For those who aren't familiar with the move, it has been big news in Atlanta. From the way it was funded to where you park, there have been lots of opinions over the last few years. We were big fans of their old home Turner Field and usually attended a couple of games every season.

Our family took our first trip to Suntrust Park earlier this month, and as much as we wanted to remain loyal to the Ted, it is hard not to like the Braves' new home. The drive was only about ten minutes longer, and access from the interstate was easy. Parking in a covered parking deck isn't quite the same as tailgating in a lot, but it was about the same cost (TIP: buy your parking pass online before you go) and covered.

One of our favorite parts of traveling and going to events is the food, and SunTrust Park does not disappoint! In just the walk from the parking deck to the gate, you pass several landmark Atlanta eateries who have set up outposts at the new ballpark. We had heard one of our favorites barbecue places - Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q - also had a restaurant onsite, and it was easy to spot right by the gate.

It was raining when we got there, so I didn't get a picture of the exterior, but it's hard to miss with a big Terrapin Beer Co. tank right in front. Yep, Terrapin Beer Company from Athens has partnered with Fox Brothers so you get great food plus some of our favorite beer. We only waited a few minutes for a table and were quickly sat on the covered patio where the kids could watch all of the pre-game festivities in the Battery while we ate.

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork with Terrapin Beer

The menu is limited, but all of your favorites are there: pulled pork, brisket, chicken. Will went with his usual BBQ sandwich with tots, and even went outside of his culinary comfort zone and tried the spicy BBQ sauce.

Tony and I both ordered our favorite brisket, which is always a risk in uncharted restaurant territory. It was awesome though, moist and tender without being greasy. The bark was just right and paired great with our Terrapins.

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q Collard Greens and BBQ Sauce

Those sides though! I know, this is supposed to be about barbecue but they were just too good not to mention. Get the collards and then douse them in some pepper sauce. So good. The cole slaw was yummy too - the perfect combo of sweet and tangy.

The last picture of tater tots and macaroni and cheese is our youngest's plate. We aren't really sure he is related to us.

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q - more than just BBQ!

While the atmosphere may be different that the original Fox Brothers, the new stadium location still serves up the same quality barbecue that we love. It's definitely a step up from ballpark food and will be a must-do when we go to a game.

While the Braves may have lost, we had a blast at SunTrust Park. The seats were great, and we went early so our oldest could get some autographs during batting practice. We signed up for the Kids Club and got a ton of free stuff and discounts for the kids. They had a blast at Hope & Will's playground, sponsored by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (sorry, shameless plug for those who sign my paycheck).

All in all, a great day at the ballpark and one we look forward to doing again soon. Go Braves!




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