Hot Dog Game Changer! The Slotdog!

Tony Turner

Green Smoke Trading Tries The Slotdog


My eight year old gave me the coolest Christmas gift this year, the Slotdog.  I was a little skeptical when I opened up my present because at the end of the day, not much has changed in the hotdog grilling world since I can remember. 

Pressing down on the Slotdog

The weather was nice so we tried out the Slotdog for dinner tonight, and I was pretty impressed.  The Slotdog performed as advertised.  The result were dogs with a cool cross-hatch pattern that resembles the tires on my Jeep.  These treads allow for your favorite condiment or cheese to get down into the dog while also increasing the surface area for a crispier dog. 

Before they headed to the grill

For the grilling enthusiast, this is a must and a great conversation piece.  This also makes a great gift priced at under $20.  The only thing that would set this off would be wearing a great shirt from Green Smoke Trading Company while grilling up some nice Slotdogs. We give the Slotdog two thumbs up!


The finished product





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