Kicking Ash with my Kick Ash Basket

I am sure everyone has figured out by now that I love my Big Green Egg.  As all eggheads know, accessories are a part of being a Big Green Egg owner.  By far, my favorite accessory is my Kick Ash Basket.  The Kick Ash Basket allows me to be more efficient and get to rollin’ smoke as quick as possible.  
If I am going to re-use my charcoal in my egg, I simply grab the handles and shake the Kick Ash Basket.  All of the burnt ash ends up in the bottom of the egg.  This allows the egg to breath easier as the air flows around the charcoal.  The other way it makes my life easier, I simply lift the entire basket out of the egg and remove all the burnt charcoal at once.  This would work the same way if you are using a Komado Joe Kick Ash Basket.  
If you are a current Kick Ash Basket user, here’s a great tip.  Buy some kitty litter plastic liners.  They are basically wide short trash bags with draw strings.  Pull your basket and dump your charcoal in the liner.  Pull the drawstring and toss it in the trash and you are done.  They are wide enough that the basket fits nicely and the sides are short enough, so you are not fumbling around with a full size trash bag.  They are cheaper then trash bags and can be found at the your local dollar store. 
Learn more about the Kick Ash Basket at

And kicking ash is always better in a Green Smoke Trading Company Shake That Ash shirt!

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